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Supply Chain Logistics
Supply Chain Logistics

Control any supply chain. From procurement to fulfillment in one solution.

The management of all logistics-related processes is a crucial part of an efficient business and a major contributor to cost reductions. This affects the complete logistics chain ranging from placing orders with suppliers to final delivery to the end-customer. Our solution makes these efficient by adapting to the unique business processes of each customer with the flexibility to react to future changes.

Products & Service Management
Feature highlights

Product & Service Attributes

Manage product and service information in one place, for example pricing, nutritional information, allergens.

Barcode Management

Full traceability of stock movements via a fully integrated barcode management system.

Product Types

Support for various product types with different requirements, such as retail, fresh, frozen, perishable, equipment, services, etc.

Recipe Management

Create and manage recipes, with accurate stock and preparation management across ingredients.

Manage Menus

Combine items into menus with different tiers including nutritional information and plating instructions.

Multi-Supplier Sourcing

Ability to source the same product from competing suppliers enabling you to always get the best deal and increasing reliability.

Technical highlights

  • Ability to manage localized translations & descriptions for each product and category
  • Media management with the ability to attach multiple images and files to each product
  • Manage and assign products to catalogs & price groups
  • Audit trail with history of any modifications (pricing, descriptions, etc.)
  • Assign products to promotion groups
  • Ability to provide different catalogs per airline, route, flight or any other required structure
  • Ability to retrieve all information via API to integrate product information into any sales channel

Procurement & Warehouse Management
Feature highlights


Create and manage suppliers for all of your products, services and equipment.

Multiple-Warehouse Management

Create and manage supply chains between both internal and external warehouses.


Manage the storage options and capacity of each warehouse based on actual on-location layouts.

Supplier Orders

Place and track orders including order confirmations by each supplier to increase reliability.

Incoming Order Management

Receive orders and store them in the warehouse using our smart locations tool.

Delivery & Storage Planning

Delivery and storage planning depending on the type of good with the ability to split deliveries.

Intelligent Storage Strategy

Automatic determination of ideal storage strategy based on capacity availability and product family.

Handle Received Payments

Track supplier payments and assign a single payment to multiple invoices – all fully automated.

Supplier Evaluation

Evaluation of supplier performance based on compliance tracking with configurable SLAs.

Technical highlights

  • Data exports via API or in various file formats (CSV, XLSX, PDF, etc.)
  • Ability to move and update inventory automatically, within one warehouse as well as between multiple warehouses
  • Manage supplier payments (with integration of supplier invoices and OCR)
  • Payment scheduling based on the due dates configured for each suppliers

Fulfillment & Stock Management
Feature highlights

Barset Management

Create barsets of different types like wardrobes, drawers, boxes and assign them to routes.

Schedule Management

Manage flight and train schedules with picking and packing for individual routes.

Manage Returns

Ability to manage the complete return process regardless of item and location.

Stock Level Management

(Near) real-time stock level management with automatic stock updates during sales and fulfillment.

Expiration Date Alerts

Sell perishable goods with FEFO (first expiring, first out) prioritization and expiry date reminders.

Stock Valuation

Stock valuation by date and in real time with the ability to split by warehouse.

Technical highlights

  • Automatic backorders of items when running out of stock
  • Traceability: Full transparency of all inventory movements
  • Multiple stock prioritization options including FEFO (first expiring, first out) and FIFO (first in, first out)
  • Stock alert with the ability to control the frequency and type of the alerts
Adil Rhazi

Adil Rhazi

Division Lead / Omnevo
Having full control of the complete logistics process from procurement to fulfillment is a huge competetive advantage in a world where you need to be able to adapt your processes quickly to new business models – rather than the other way around.