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Press Release: Omnevo Announces Go-Live with Zurich Airport, Reshaping Airport E-Commerce

November 02, 2023

WIESBADEN, GERMANY, 2 NOVEMBER 2023 - Omnevo, a leading provider of innovative e-commerce solutions for the aviation industry, is proud to announce a significant milestone in its collaboration with Zurich Airport, one of the world's premier international airports. 

In this latest development, Omnevo has successfully launched the first phase of Zurich Airport’s comprehensive e-commerce transformation, known as ZRH Comfort. This marks the initial step in a journey that will see Zurich airport, a global aviation hub, revolutionize the passenger experience with the help of Omnevo’s cutting-edge technology. 

Under this strategic partnership, Zurich Airport has chosen Omnevo as its e-commerce partner. ZRH Comfort is the first phase of future e-commerce projects, aimed of building the direct to customer business to enhance the overall passenger experience. 

With the launch of ZRH Comfort, travelers at Zurich Airport can already enjoy a taste of the enhanced e-commerce offerings. This is just the first step in a broader effort to enhance Zurich Airport unified digital experience platform that connects seamlessly passengers to a wide array of services, ensuring convenience, personalization, and efficiency at every touchpoint. 

"This collaboration with Zurich Airport represents a significant milestone for Omnevo," said Michael Raasch, CEO of Omnevo. "We are always proud to be chosen as a provider to power the airport's entire e-commerce ecosystem. This opportunity showcases the trust and confidence that Zurich Airport has in our capabilities and validates our position as a leader in the travel e-commerce industry." 


Omnevo's comprehensive e-commerce solution will enable Zurich Airport to offer a wide range of services and products through a unified digital platform. This integrated approach will streamline the passenger journey, allowing travelers to effortlessly navigate the airport and access the services they need. 

"We are excited to embark on this transformative partnership with Omnevo," said Nico Castagna, Head Digital & Experience at Zurich Airport. "By consolidating our e-commerce strategy within our digital experience platform, we can ensure a consistent and exceptional experience for our passengers and guests. We believe that this collaboration will elevate our airport's e-commerce capabilities to new heights, reinforcing our commitment to delivering world-class services." 

The collaboration between Omnevo and Zurich Airport continues to level up the industry standard for airport e-commerce solutions. and paves the way for a future where seamless digital experiences and personalized services become the norm for travelers worldwide. 

About Zurich Airport

Zurich Airport is one of Switzerland's most important transport infrastructures, operated by Flughafen Zürich AG. It connects the country to the world's most important metropolises. Flughafen Zürich AG employs some 1'700 people at its Zurich site. Together with staff from the other companies based there, they are part of our wider airport family of around 30'000 employees working in and around the airport, making it a major provider of jobs in the region.  The company’s core activities are spread between three business areas: transport hubs, commercial centers and real estate. 

About Omnevo

Launched in 2021 after a merger of AOE’s aviation division with in-flight technology company SHIFTEO and headquartered in Wiesbaden, Germany, Omnevo represents next-level digital ancillary revenue and operations empowerment for mobility and hospitality providers, such as airports, airlines and rail operators. Omnevo’s solutions are modular and built upon highly scalable architecture that blends a comprehensive portfolio of tailored, adaptable features with an agile, customer-centric development approach. Enabling everything from pre-order and e-commerce to on-board retail and back-office operations and supply chain management integration, Omnevo’s products allow mobility and hospitality providers to regain full control of their omnichannel retail customer engagement while leveraging the undisputed power of e-commerce marketplaces.