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New performance levels for SKY express

The Challenge

Expand revenue with minimal operational impact

SKY Express wanted to elevate their digital ancillary revenue and expand their onboard F&B product offering. This developed a new standard of experience for its customers and provided significant new operational gains and competitive advantages for the young airline.

Despite the challenges of the global crisis, SKY express has successfully continued to expand our routes, develop our operations, and improve the customer experience. Omnevo’s solution has helped us in delivering those ambitions by creating powerful new efficiencies in our F&B operations as we bring greater choice and a stronger inflight experience to the SKY express passenger. 

George Lioumpis, General Manager / SKY Express





Use case


Strategic Priorities for SKY Express

Passenger Experience

an enhanced experience that delights the passenger, encouraging them to spend more and creating a stronger link with the airline

Weight Saving

carrying pre-ordered F&B greatly reduces the total weight carried on-board and vastly reduces the amount of unused/returned stock. 


the passenger’s pre-ordering of their preferred F&B means that less is wasted.

The Solution

The new digital platform is tailored to the needs of SKY express in prioritizing the airline’s key customer service and operational elements as it continues to expand its network of mid-range European destinations. Central in this is the development of its inflight customer service and F&B offer from the industry standard of a simple complimentary offering, particularly through the development of its new ‘SKY Drinks & Bites’ expanded menu on international routes.

From Omnevo’s menu of fully-integrable modules SKY express was able to select precisely the elements needed for its initial phase of digitalization, with the platform built on four key modules: Retail/F&B program - including product offering, pricing, promotions, financial reconciliation; Supply Chain Management - supplier management, product procurement, inventory management; Logistics  - core management and logistics preparations, including preparation & operational processes across the product journey and; ePOS - onboard sales and crew support and training.

For the airline: 

  • Integration of the on-board ePoS with seat mapping and passenger manifests - all pre-orders are synced.
  • An easy-to-use system that creates tailored bundles and promotions, including online price promotions to encourage pre-orders.
  • Full menu details, product information, ingredients, and allergens are available to the crew instantly via the ePOS.

For the passenger:

  • The passenger can pre-order from the inflight menu – including pre-order items for multiple flights, choosing to which flight each pre-ordered item should be delivered. A single transaction covers multiple flights and destinations. 
  • An engaging passenger experience using richer marketing content across their journey, from pre-departure to returning home. Giving the passenger the freedom and convenience of 24/7 access - helping to drive engagement, conversion and loyalty and supporting a deeper relationship with the customer.

The Results

SKY express established a core warehousing operation at its Athens base and, having seen the smooth integration of that facility, gained the capability and confidence to quickly develop additional sites, when required. 

After close discussion with the Omnevo team, a digital solution was tailored to the needs of SKY express, prioritizing the airline’s key customer service and operational elements:

  • Retail/F&B Management - to manage Retail/F&B program, product offering, prices, deals and promotions, as well as financial reconciliation. This began with an initial focus on the essential core modules and work processes and subsequently expanding and advancing the airline’s systems from this solid foundation. 
  • Supply Chain Management - to manage suppliers, product procurement, and inventory management.
  • Logistics Module - to manage the logistics process, encompassing core management and logistics preparations, including development of the preparation process, creation of operational processes and procedures to bring the products to the customer, and return inventory.
  • ePOS for onboard sales and crew support.
    Training of the crews in how to integrate with the new operational procedures and operate the ePOS system, and then the development of deeper training in onboard sales skills.

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