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We are Omnevo.
Let's change digital commerce – together.

At Omnevo we blend sector-leading expertise in technology with in-depth experience in your industry; we know your challenges and your opportunities – and we know the end-to-end solutions that will drive your performance higher. Backed by the AOE group with 250+ employees, we have incorporated AOE's agile DNA into our day-to-day work with large enterprises, making us a uniquely dynamic and effective end-to-end partner.

AOE Group & history

Molded from the merger of AOE's leading aviation commerce technology OM3 and catering and supply chain expert SHIFTEO, we are setting out to change the travel commerce ecosystem permanently. As a subsidiary of AOE, Omnevo can draw on over 250 experienced developers providing customizations and integration solutions in addition to its product suite.

Our platform solutions combine E-Commerce and experience management based on powerful technologies that are scalable, secure and proven to deliver new efficiencies and performance gains. Our support to clients is optimized through agility in the way we work, adapting our processes and tailoring solutions precisely to your needs at every stage – in everything from initial project planning to post-launch support, we adapt to your needs and maximize the solutions that will deliver the performance you need.

Worldwide – yet right next to you

Omnevo locations

  • Wiesbaden, Germany, Omnevo headquarter, product development office
  • Krefeld, Germany, product development office
  • Tangier, Morocco, product development office
  • Paris, France, project office

AOE group facts & figures:

  • Founded 1999
  • 6 global locations with headquarter in Wiesbaden, Germany
  • €28M+ yearly turnover
  • Majority ownership by the founders
  • 20 years of E-Commerce, supply chain, operations and customer experience expertise

Climate Change Awareness

Being a company with a relatively high energy-consumption business, we take our responsibility towards climate change very seriously. We operate large server farms for our customers. Also, we operate in the aviation business, which creates a relevant footprint of around 5 % of CO2 contribution in the global climate change footprint. Here are some of the key steps taken by Omnevo and AOE towards offsetting our climate contribution:

  • We follow at minimum a net-zero policy for our entire footprint.
  • We procure only 100 % renewable energy for all of our offices and internal server infrastructure.
  • We offset 200 % of our entire business mobility (flights, cars etc.) via atmosfair.
  • We do regular large scale tree planting campaigns.

Supporting you with expertise and experience

Catering Background

Experienced senior-level experts with many years of hands-on specialist experience.

IT Systems & Platforms

A highly experienced team of developers and architects with decades of experience in agile delivery of complex integration projects.

Aviation Expertise

In-depth understanding of how airlines and airports function and their operational and customer requirements.

Supply Chain Skills

Utilizing their direct supply chain experience and expertise our team has delivered projects covering complex supply chain issues.

Operational Complexities

We understand airline operations – not just from the IT perspective but holistically from years of experience among our leadership team.

Agile DNA

We believe in the agile approach of collaborative development, based around our customers' needs as well as early delivery and incremental improvements rather than big-bang releases.

Driving ancillary revenue growth for



How airlines can regain trust, loyalty and revenue by taking control of the digital customer journey.

December’s World Aviation Festival in London was a great opportunity to bring the industry together and, although attendance was inevitably lower than normal, there was a strong conference program that carried a mood of guarded optimism. Best of all, I was delighted to see just how strongly the focus was on real action to drive ancillary revenue and recovery.  Much of 2021 has been spent waiting for a recovery to be established and many airlines have understandably been hesitant (or unable) to commit to new investment or major change in their customer operations. The long hoped-for recovery has been impossible to forecast accurately and many airlines opted to simply ‘hunker down’ and wait until a clearer path can be seen through the storm. That strategy carries deep risks. We now face a new phase of crisis as Omicron sadly develops its global presence but the fact is that the world will continue to turn, people will continue to travel, the crisis will eventually recede, and traffic will return. Airlines need to be preparing right now to create the customer experience that the recovery will demand.  Yes, the picture of how the 2022 travel market will look in recovery is still blurred right now - but the key point is that we do already know exactly what the returning customer looks like and what they want. We have a clear understanding of the experience they want - and we have the digital tools to deliver that experience. 

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