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Creating a Digital Foundation for Air Europa

The Challenge

Creating a Digital Pathway to Success

Air Europa understand the evolution of its passengers’ needs across the whole customer experience and wanted more – more choice, service, engagement, convenience, personalization, and relevance… and they wanted their clients to be able to channel all of this through their mobile devices.

The airline’s long-term digital vision is for a phased digital pathway that can ultimately achieve a fully comprehensive e-commerce platform if required. 

They wanted to start that journey from a secure ‘base camp’ by establishing a foundation based on their core F&B operations, which can then be developed and expanded at will, evolving in line with the passenger’s needs and the airline’s ambitions – the sky is not the limit! 

“We give each airline the versatility to select its priority issues and build from there; start small, grow at will, and define your own digital journey – which is exactly what Air Europa has done.” 

Michael Raasch, CEO, Omnevo




gategroup, Air Europa

Use case

Pre-order F&B

Strategic Priorities for Air Europa

Passenger Experience

an enhanced experience that delights the passenger, encouraging them to spend more and creating a stronger link with the airline

Weight Saving

carrying pre-ordered F&B greatly reduces the total weight carried on-board and vastly reduces the amount of unused/returned stock. 


the passenger’s pre-ordering of their preferred F&B means that less is wasted.

The Solution

A Shared and Steady Approach

Omnevo is a vendor-agnostic platform allowing Air Europa to integrate with the partner that is best for their needs allowing them to achieve maximum results with less limitations. 

Why did Air Europa choose Omnevo and gategroup?

  • Air Europa chose gategroup and Omnevo specifically because of the in-depth workshops we provide as part of the service allowing them to map out strategic, operational and technical pathways for the project. 
  • Omnevo's pre-order and F&B capabilities were selected to give Air Europa the opportunity to expand their F&B and retail offering gradually and strategically based on the passengers needs. Across F&B and the Retail Boutique, the whole offer consists currently of around 50 brands and is still growing), including Skincare, Fragrances, Gadgets, Accessories, Toys, Tobacco, Watches and Jewelry.

The Result

Winning Online and in the Air

Air Europa is the first airline to prioritize the digitalization of its F&B program ahead of developing a Retail platform thanks to Omnevo's modular solution.

Air Europa is the first airline to prioritize the digitalization of its F&B program ahead of developing a Retail platform thanks to Omnevo's modular solution. Air Europa is the first airline to prioritize the digitalization of its F&B program ahead of developing a Retail platform thanks to Omnevo's modular solution.

For the airline: 

  • Integration of the on-board ePoS with seat mapping and passenger manifests - all pre-orders are synced.
  • An easy-to-use system that creates tailored bundles and promotions, including online price promotions to encourage pre-orders.
  • Full menu details, product information, ingredients, and allergens are available to the crew instantly via the ePOS.

For the passenger:

  • The passenger can pre-order from the inflight menu – including pre-order items for multiple flights, choosing to which flight each pre-ordered item should be delivered. A single transaction covers multiple flights and destinations. 
  • An engaging passenger experience using richer marketing content across their journey, from pre-departure to returning home. Giving the passenger the freedom and convenience of 24/7 access - helping to drive engagement, conversion and loyalty and supporting a deeper relationship with the customer.

The Sky Is Not The Limit

Scale at the speed you need

Omnevo’s modular platform is technologically unmatched, but also strategically simple: you start where you want to, you focus on your key challenges first, and you grow your platform at the scale and speed you need, retaining full control at all times. 

Features that could be enhanced at a later stage using Omnevo include:

  • Selling more: F&B menus and Retail ranges can be updated and expanded at any time – from seasonal offerings to extensive new ranges.
  • Service and convenience: The cut-off time for pre-orders will gradually be reduced. Passengers will be able to add flights only using their booking reference.
  • Loyalty integration: in the latest phase of the platform’s development, Air Europa’s SUMA loyalty program will be integrated, enabling passengers to burn loyalty miles when buying F&B.
  • Deeper conversations: By integrating the checkout flow with the airline’s communication platform the conversation with the passenger can be strengthened, supporting engagement, sales and loyalty.

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