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Order Management System
Order Management System

Orchestrating multi-
retailer supply chains.
We make it seamless.

Our order management system helps you to collect and organize orders from all your sales channels and touchpoints, online and offline, in one system. It is an ideal solution to solve complex requirements in a maximum flexible way, using its fully integrated API and configurable workflow engine. This starts with placing and processing orders and shipment requests right through to the integration of retailers and courier services.

An order management platform
to enable multichannel fulfillment

API-Based Multi-Channel Integration

API-first architecture providing the ability to integrate orders coming in through any sales channel.

Fulfillment Methods

Flexible flow engine enabling you to fulfill orders via any method (e.g. home delivery, delivery to seat, etc.).

Picking & Packing Flows

Completely digitized fulfillment process enabling picking and packing via tablet in additional to printouts.

Courier Integration

Automatic parcel creation and tracking with pre-integrated couriers (such as UPS, DHL, FedEx, etc.).

Customer Service Views & Offline Support Capabilities

Complete view of all order information for customer service with ability to place additional orders.

Order Management

Capture and fulfill orders from several merchants, including a pre-reserve interface for in-store pickup.

Omnichannel order management

Overview of capabilities and views

The multi-retailer capabilities of our order management system allow you to easily distribute orders to several retailers or directly onboard your retail partners for a seamless order fulfillment. Integrate with all relevant systems, from your ERP to courier services, to allow your fulfillment and customer staff to carry out all their tasks in one system.

Omnichannel consolidation

E-Commerce capabilities

  • Multi-delivery and multi-retailer orders supported and orchestrated
  • Collection of orders from several order providers / sales channels into one fulfillment flow via API integrations
  • Orchestration of orders and automated assignment of orders to multiple source or fulfillment locations
  • Automated fulfillment by integration of ISPU retailers or dropship vendor and automated sending of purchase orders

Order fulfillment

Fulfillment capabilities

  • Flexible configuration of fulfillment flows and processes
  • Creation of all relevant fulfillment documents such as pick-and packlists, invoice documents, etc.
  • Support of fully digital fulfillment process via tablet mode or barcode-based scanner integration
  • Direct integration of courier companies for end-to-end fulfillment process within one system for the operations staff

Customer service capabilities

Customer service relevant order consolidation

  • Full order overview for customer service
  • Flexibility for customer service to update relevant order information and communicate with fulfillment
  • Order entry mode for customer service to directly place orders incl. customer service specific payment integration via the GUI
  • Possibility to comment on orders or put orders on hold for later fulfillment upon customer request

API integrations

Integrate the order management system into existing system landscapes

Our extensive set of APIs allows you to:

  • Collect orders from several sales channels and organize and prioritize these in one view
  • Integrate with your existing 3PL, WMS, ERP or POS system
  • Integrate with your Enterprise Resource Planning system for financial reconciliation and vendor management
  • Use payment and courier integrations to allow staff to fulfill all relevant tasks within one system
Johannes Moll

Johannes Moll

Delivery Success Lead / Omnevo
Our omnichannel order management system takes a very unique spot in the market. No other system follows our end-to-end approach, meaning that products can exist in hundreds of different locations and be fulfilled to infinite types of destinations via various delivery methods.