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Point of Sale & Onboard
Point of Sale & Onboard

Turning the Point of Sale into a Point of Joy.
Compatible with any device.

We provide a portable ePOS solution, that can be adapted to any business and sales process – from the straightforward and simple to the highly sophisticated and complex. Hardware-agnostic and integrateable into existing application infrastructure.

Point of Sale & Onboard App
Feature highlights

Loyalty Integration

Integrate your loyalty program and customers earning & burning points wherever your point of sale is.

Offline Capabilities

Complete offline-capability allowing for seamless sales in environments with no or low connectivity.

Discount Options

Discount system providing sales staff the ability for smart up- and cross-selling suggestions.

Sales Reconciliation

Automatic sales reconciliation and staff incentivation based on transport plan and staff schedule data.

Cash Traceability

Cash deposit system allowing full traceability of cash generated during sales sessions.

Scanning System

Integrated scanning system with automatic inventory-updates for full traceability.

Live Inventory Management

Real-time inventory updates even in disconnected environments.

Menu Management

Provide staff instructions for plating and fulfilling even ambitious menus.

Native iOS & Android

Native apps for both operating systems to run on any hardware (mobile, tablet, ePOS).

Technical features

  • More than 50 configuration parameters allowing to tailor the POS system to any business process
  • Intelligent POS software directly integrated with 3-in-1 hardware including a printer as well as an integrated electronic payment system (contactless, pin code, swipe, etc.)
  • Multi-language and multi-currency sales
  • Multi-category catalog to separate different types of sales during a trip
  • Integration with the Pick & Pack system
  • Inventory verification system which asks crew members to verify correct availability of onboard inventory with three modes: Full mode (full inventory check), random mode (random inventory check), defined mode (verification of inventory for items specified by manager)
  • Integration of pre-orders in POS system
  • VAT management by country

Ops & Communications App
Feature highlights

Real-Time Communication

Communicate news, updates and instructions to staff members in real-time ensuring process updates get executed by operations with little delay.

Scheduling & Reporting

Generate insights with configurable reporting functionality to review performance based on a end-of-shift questionnaire.

KPI-triggered Notifications

Reporting functionality to review staff performance: Noncompliance to configurable KPIs triggers a notification to the manager role to take corrective action.

Technical features

  • Compliance & audit: Ability to control and monitor each process defined by the customer. This module allows to confirm or not confirm customizable control point and provides precise analytics to recognize any dysfunctions on a dashboard or via file-export.
  • E-mail environment: If the e-mail system provided by Omnevo is used, the application provides direct access to the mailbox, so that crew can manage all tasks within just one app.
  • Granular rights & roles access control.
  • All parts of the application are customizable to the processes and needs of a customer.
Grégory Senaud

Grégory Senaud

Customer Success Lead / Omnevo
As the human face of your business towards the customer your staff deserves an ePOS solution made for a digital world. Only with these right tools can they provide a level of service that will exceed your customers' expectations.