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Operations & Analytics
Operations & Analytics

Full transparency for
data-driven decisions.
We give your data a voice.

Continuously improve your operational processes by generating insights, taking data-driven decisions and seeing their impact in real time. End-to-end analytics is at the heart of Omnevo's capabilities to improve operations across all major KPIs.

HR Management
Feature highlights

HR Portal & Employee Directory

Management and updates of all personnell-related information by the employee with alert to the HR team.

Employee History

Fully historized data creating a gapless audit trail of any data updates.

KPIs & Monitoring

Monitoring of HR KPIs including payroll, staff, turnover, absence quotas, etc.

Digital Personell Files

Digitalization of the complete personnel file (e.g. employment contract, pay slips, authorizations).

Absence Management

Complete leave request and approval process with rights and roles management system.

Incentive Management

Create and manage staff incentives (e.g. free crew meals, sales kickbacks).

Technical highlights

  • Planning and leave balance updated in real time with customizable reports on the duration, frequency and reasons of leave
  • Visualization of HR KPIs (e.g. number of days worked, absence rates)
  • Planning: Ability to plan employee shifts following either a fixed schedule (e.g. 9.00 to 17.00) or dynamically assigned to the flight schedule
  • Synchronization of the operational schedule with the vacation schedule
  • Schedule synchronized with the Ops application in real time
  • Creation of working schedule based on flight schedule with the ability to configure buffer times (e.g. crew shift starting 1 hour before each flight)

Analytics, Compliance & Reconciliation
Feature highlights

Analytics Dashboard

Analytics dashboard with an overview over the most important actions and KPIs

Supplier Tracking

Ability to track supplier SLAs, with quantities or delivery date compliance

Performance Evaluation

Ability to create questionnaires and individual tracking of data points for employee performance reviews

Automatic Reconciliation

Automatic reconciliation between crew sales, planning and transport plan for drastic error reduction

Technical highlights

  • Merged analytics between warehouses, loading, transport plan, HR users, onboard sales and unloading for monitoring of all activities
  • Export possibility for reconciliation files for third-party vendors
  • Configurable notifications if supplier or staff SLAs are not met
Peter Coelho

Peter Coelho

COO / Omnevo
Improving operational processes only works if you know exactly what is going on. Our solution enables you to take decisions and evaluate their impact based on actual data.