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LARA: Ancillary Revenue
July 01, 2024
LARA News: Ancillary Revenue
Passengers crave accessibility and exclusivity, desiring on-demand access to unique products that aren't readily available elsewhere. Recognising these shifting consumer preferences, airlines are swiftly adapting, mirroring successful trends seen in other e-commerce sectors. By expanding their retail programmes online, they are tapping into new revenue streams and aligning their offerings more closely with evolving passenger expectations.
Onboard Hospitality: Ordering ahead
March 21, 2024
Onboard Hospitality: Ordering ahead
"The advantages of pre-ordering are evident on multiple fronts; from the perspective of the airline, it effectively minimises onboard waste. For the passengers, the ability to make choices in advance provides a streamlined and worry-free experience throughout their journey" Peter Rebelo Coelho & Stuart Forster discuss the pivotal role of pre-ordering food and drink in curbing cabin waste in the latest Onboard Hospitality Magazine. "A deep understanding of an airline's operations is necessary to optimise the airline's carts for every leg of the journey. The goal is to avoid carrying items onboard that may not be in demand or are not popular in specific regions."
DFNI: Inflight Essentials
February 20, 2024
Duty Free News International: Flying Into The Future
Paul Bilham discusses the dynamic changes underway in traditional inflight retail, including innovative brand collaborations and strategic shifts on page 44. Special thanks to Jill Sayles from DFNI for the engaging interview!
Inflight Online: Stress Free Retail
January 01, 2024
Inflight Online: 5 Reasons Why Airlines Should Digitalise Their Ancillary Revenue - Now
Thanks, Paul E Eden for the well-rounded article about how e-commerce is becoming the cornerstone of airline ancillary revenue generation. The Inflight January issue features Paul Bilham on page 42, explaining how airlines can still capture passenger's attention, even with the threat of increased connectivity, by offering exclusive products and various payment options such as payment for retail and food and beverage with loyalty points.
PAX partners with A2B Australia
December 06, 2023
The Paypers: PAX partners with A2B Australia
At the time of writing, a total of 500 PAX Technology payment devices per week are being integrated into A2B Australia's 8,000 vehicles, with an additional 12,000 taxis from all of A2B’s Cabcharge customers set to adopt the new payment terminals.
Onboard Hospitality: The race for retail
December 01, 2023
Onboard Hospitality: The race for retail
Julie Baxter asks if airports and airlines investing in retail technology, and the opportunity it brings are missing a trick by failing to collaborate. Paul Bilham, Omnevo's VP of Sales says: "The appetite for retail is there. Collaboration is underway between suppliers and airlines and airports know they have to make their moves, but the challenge is they are not really retailers, they are not used to selling goods and services digitally so it is a learning process. They want the extra spend but it is hard to move fast because there are so many stakeholders an many conflicting interests. Ultimately, it will be putting the passenger first that reaps the best retail results but the obstacles to collaboration are all in the details."