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Take control of the journey. Our unique, vendor-independent solution provides mobility and hospitality providers with full control of omnichannel retail customer engagement and delivers consistent experiences throughout the revenue journey. Molded from the merger of AOE's leading aviation E-Commerce technology OM3 and catering and supply-chain expert SHIFTEO, we are setting out to change the travel commerce ecosystem permanently.

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Our portfolio covers everything from pre-order to point-of-sale and operations management integration, enabling mobility providers to manage their own digital and operational platform and, ultimately, their own branded passenger experience. Take your revenue to new heights & exploit the full power of the E-Commerce marketplace.

Take Full Control

Break free from third-party systems. Own your data. Manage all suppliers on one integrated platform. Deliver your uniquely branded experience to customers seamlessly.

Start Small, Scale Fast

Begin with an MVP that allows for a quick "plug-and-play" launch. Evolve into an integrated end-to-end solution in an agile environment. Measure, learn and adapt as you scale across your entire customer base.

Minimize Financial Risk

Be assured of minimized upfront investments based on a subscription model. Implement modular solutions that solve immediate pain points. Build an evolutionary roadmap that drives sustainable future revenues.

Use cases

Our comprehensive product suite addresses your key business challenges – giving you the solutions you need in your market. Take a look at how we can help you to take control.

Duty-Free E-Commerce

Digitize and expand the traditional duty free sales model, offering customers an engaging shopping experience, more choice from an expanded product assortment and flexible delivery options (e.g. in-flight pre-order, home delivery, collection points).

Catering Management

Manage and optimize the complete catering business, including supplier management, meal composition and cycle management. Also incorporates detailed analytics that help you reduce inventory loss and optimize staff incentives.

Food Pre-Order

Allow customers to pre-select complimentary meals or upgrade to premium selections. Make catering a profit, not a cost-center. Reduce waste and increase sustainability – all fully integrated.


Turn your business into a digital marketplace, by onboarding numerous vendors onto the same platform and allow customers to purchase items through one seamless experience. Including post-sales reconciliation for minimal bureaucracy.

Downtown Shopping

Allow customers to skip the tax refund queue at the airport – by enabling off-airport retailers to sell items tax-free and have customers pick them up in the tax-free zone at the airport. With a completely digital logistics and pickup process.

Federated Search &

Aggregate all product and user information in our Search & Recommendation suite and utilize recommenadations across products and services to make the most out of your customer touchpoints.

Case Study: Singapore Airlines’ KrisShop
Next-generation airline retailing

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Case Study: Heathrow
Omnichannel luxury at its best

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Case Study: Auckland Airport
Tax-free downtown shopping, on-airport fulfillment

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Press release: Omnevo and Fraport extend long-term partnership by 5 more years

Frankfurt, July 14th, 2021 - Omnevo, leading provider of revenue-increasing digital platform solutions for airports and airlines and part of the AOE Group, and Fraport AG, owner and operator of Germany's largest airport, announced today that Frankfurt Airport goes live with the latest advanced version of Omnevo's award-winning omnichannel e-commerce solution. Additionally, the two companies announced that they have extended their long-term partnership for another five years to further develop the digitalization of the airport's range of products and services for the almost 70 million passengers (before COVID-19) who travel through Frankfurt Airport each year. With go-live, the existing digital solution platform, which Omnevo’s parent company (AOE) had originally developed for Fraport, was migrated to the latest Omnevo product version. Through its original partnership with AOE Fraport utilized the OM³ digital platform (now known as Omnevo) to become the world’s first omnichannel airport focused entirely on omnichannel both before and, especially, during the pandemic. The newly enhanced Omnevo cloud solution enables the operation of a complete airport marketplace solution for all travel retail sales at a fraction of the costs previously required for such a leading ecosystem, creating new revenue opportunities for crisis-hit airports of any size. Thanks to the highly flexible SaaS solution, Fraport has also effectively future-proofed its digital strategy by integrating directly in the Omnevo product roadmap, enabling it to benefit from Omnevo’s strategy of continuous improvements to the solution.


A personal perspective on leadership

The past year has been extraordinary in so many ways and, while the tragic impact on lives takes precedence, we’ve also had to deal with the huge changes in our working life too. As the crisis developed early last year, I was busy planning in my new role as CEO of Omnevo - AOE’s new specialist product division - positioned as a digital solution pioneer in the travel industry, launching in early 2021. As the crisis grew, this became the most challenging experience of my career, but I’ve been surprised to find that it’s also become one of the most instructive and rewarding experiences too. Creating and launching any new company is always a huge challenge but we suddenly faced extraordinary new barriers as the way we do business had to be transformed. Much of 2020 was spent planning the new company and today, still operates almost exclusively remotely. Many of us, including some of the founders, worked together for almost a year but have still not actually met in person! Yet we already operate successfully in a global network and are scaling and winning new business. Omnevo is a truly virtual organization; this is how we were born and that is how we thrive. In this short time, we’ve already made our mark on this industry, with a culturally diverse, agile and highly committed team working alongside customers of all sizes around the globe. We’re gaining a lot of attention because we are recognized as game changers - and that innovative spirit is integral to our team spirit. We are committed to being the digital challengers and innovators in the travel and mobility industry – an ethos drives us every day. And it’s working. But what is the glue behind this, what makes us successful? Why is it working and, in these bizarre working conditions, how did we manage to get the team so well and engage with our customers so quickly? I’m obviously proud of what we’ve achieved but I want to share my personal perspective on how we made this happen and hope that it will resonate with others in the industry - and, hopefully, help you with your management challenges too.

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