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Omnichannel Commerce
Omnichannel Commerce

Sell anything, anywhere, anytime. All with one end-to-end solution suite.

Our Omnichannel Commerce suite enables you to create personalized experiences seamlessly integrated into the customer journey. It comes with a whitelabel PWA, advanced search & recommendations, flexible promotions, content management features as well as a single sign-on customer account solution.

Omnichannel Commerce
Feature highlights


To provide first-class customer experiences, our solution utilizes a custom E-Commerce framework with the ability to tailor each frontend to the specific needs of each business and create mobile-ready, cross-device solutions out of the box.

Search &

Our solution is pre-integrated with our Search & Recommendations engine, which is designed to enable end-customers to both efficiently find specific products as well as get inspired with tailored, data-driven recommendations – all designed to drive conversions.

Promotions &
Content Management

Create engaging experiences and attractive promotions tailored to specific customer segments. Sell premium and luxury products within dedicated Brand Boutiques. All with one solution.

360° Customer

Integrate your shopping experience into the overall customer journey with a single-sign-on solution and central customer account or integrate with your existing loyalty program – to make your customer feel right at home.

Storefront Web-App
Feature highlights

Multi-Retailer Cart

Enable customers to purchase items from multiple vendors for different delivery options – within just one checkout.

Intelligent Order Splitting

Intelligently split the customer's cart into multiple deliveries to enable seamless fulfillment of complex delivery options.

Complex Business-Rules

Provide a seamless experience to customers while handling the complexity of your business with our customizable business rule engine.

Marketplace Products

Consolidate products across mutiple vendors with easy onboarding and data quality gates.

Mixed Payments

Ability to mix multiple payment methods, including payment with loyalty points and gift cards.

Performance First

Our whitelabel PWA is optimized for performance, conversions and launching fast.

First-class customer experiences rely on the ability to tailor the experience to each customer based on fast and reliable technology. Our mobile-first, high-performance whitelabel storefront web-app provides exactly that.

Technical highlights

  • Based on modern web technology (ReactJS with server-side rendering)
  • Fully customizable, mobile-first, cross-device whitelabel frontend
  • Headless frontend architecture for fast pageload times
  • High-performance in-memory search, ideal for frontend with up to ~1.000 SKUs or pre-integration with our Search & Recommendations engine
  • Customizable transactional e-mails (order confirmation e-mail, ready to collect e-mail, order status updates, promotions...)
  • Integrated tag management and tracking solution
  • Multi-language and multi-currency capabilities
  • Ability to integrate into any authentication system supporting OpenID Connect, to allow re-using existing accounts end-customers might have with the airline, airport, retailer or railway company
  • GraphQL API allowing to re-use the same functionality through any third-party sales channel

Typical use cases


Ability to select complimentary items in advance or reserve stock for later purchase


Enable customers to place orders for various fulfillment options

Earn & Burn

Ability to integrate earning and burning of loyalty points during checkout

Multi-Merchant Marketplaces

Sell and fulfill items from multiple vendors on just one marketplace

Search & Recommendations
Feature highlights

Error-tolerant Search Results

Finding the right thing even if users mistype - thanks to stemming, synonyms, stop-words and "did-you-mean" functionality.


High-speed conversions through high-speed search results presented already while users are typing.

Auto-improving Search Results

Tracking user behavior and automatically adaping search results to focus on items with the highest chance to sell.

Omnichannel Recommendations

Connect data across channels to provide search results and recommendations based on omnichannel transactional data.

Results Boosting

Ability to allow E-Commerce managers to boost search results based on context, e.g. for inventory clearance sales.

Configurable Widgets

Creation of curated widgets as well as context-sensitive recommendation widgets.

Our Search & Recommendations engine is designed to enable end-customers to both find specific products as well as get inspired with tailored recommendations.

Technical highlights

  • Ability to index and search through different kinds of documents such as products, categories, brands, retailers, content pages, etc.
  • Machine learning-based, automatic improvement of relevancy scores of search results by tracking user behavior
  • Fault-tolerant search due to stemming, fuzzy-search, autocorrection with “did-you-mean”-functionality and ability to manage synonyms and stop-words
  • Configurable widgets for product and brand recommendations as well as cross-selling
  • State-of-the-art APIs for simple integrations and provisioning of live-suggestions, search results and widgets to third-parties such as ad servers, marketplaces, affiliates, etc.
  • Intelligent user redirection based on search input (e.g. redirecting user directly to a brand page when searching for a brand name instead of a regular search results page)

Promotions & Content Management
Feature highlights


Configure even complex promotions with an intuitive interface.


No more abandoned carts – allow customers to store their cart for later and finish their purchase from any device.

Shop-in-shop &
Brand Boutiques

Create engaging shop-in-shop experiences, complying with brand design requirements to even sell luxury products.


Use the same cart across shopping channels tailored to your audience – e.g. via WeChat Mini Programs.

Launching new campaigns should not require any code changes. Our solution provides you with the flexibility of configuring complex promotions and combining them with engaging campaign pages or shop-in-shop concepts to engage customers and turn them into sales.

Technical highlights

  • Flexible configuration of promotions, gift cards and promo codes
  • Configurable rules for shipping and delivery cost calculation
  • Storing and restoring carts for authenticated users across sessions and devices
  • Integrated Content Management System (CMS) with reusable content elements that can be positioned and configured per content page
  • Capabilities to create and manage branded microsites (e.g. brand-specific microsites, retailer-specific microsites, etc.) and shop-in-shop solutions without a single line of code
  • User management with access configuration and the ability to integrate into any enterprise SSO using OpenID Connect
  • Cloud-native architecture built for reliability at scale


360° Customer Account
Feature highlights

Identity & Access

Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution with granular options for rights and roles management

My Account

My Account functionality with support for order history and wish list (saved items) capabilities as well as the ability to integrate with any other services (e.g. parking bookings history, fast track)

Social Login

Ability to offer login functionality via social media accounts

Custom forms

Customizable login, registration and account management forms

To integrate an E-Commerce experience into the overall customer journey, we provide a single sign-on solution and central customer account to manage customer data in one place.

Technical highlights

  • Single sign-on (SSO) solution with the ability to integrate with other Identity Providers (IDPs) through standard adapters or custom integrations
  • Foundation for enterprise-wide single sign-on
  • Full security layer on all transactions throughout all systems via OAuth 2 and OpenID Connect
  • Ability to capture granular opt-in information for marketing purposes
Katharina Schu

Katharina Schu

E-Commerce Solution Lead / Omnevo
Today's digital commerce landscape is convoluted. That's why we make it easy to start quickly and then scale using the same modular solution.