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Revolutionizing Railways - implementing cutting-edge technology

The Challenge

A New Rail Standard – raising onboard performance.

Momentum, like many other rail operators, face a significant challenge in maintaining efficiency and profitability while also providing an excellent customer experience for the Eurostar passenger. In order to achieve these goals, the company recognized the need to focus on improving its crew operations. By optimizing crew scheduling, training, and communication, Momentum aimed to minimize costs associated with crew staffing, and ultimately increase revenue. However, achieving these improvements requires careful coordination and implementation across a complex network of operations and personnel. Additionally, Momentum must balance its operational goals with the needs and expectations of the Eurostar customers, who demand comfort and efficient service. Meeting these challenges requires a combination of innovative technologies, skilled personnel, and forward-thinking management practices.


“Over the past decade, digital technology and innovation has transformed rail operating systems and rail safety – in everything from traffic management to track alignment, digitalization has driven higher performance. Now, Omnevo’s digital solution enables rail operators to deliver performance gains across the whole passenger journey, seizing new opportunities for greater efficiency, enhanced reliability and control, and higher revenue.” 

Peter Coelho, COO, Omnevo.




Momentum, Eurostar

Use case

F&B, Retail


The three strategic drivers of performance

Optimizing Operational Efficiency

A comprehensive overview of staff efficiency across the entire train network and monitoring of F&B stock or inventory levels so the operator isn't vulnerable to inefficiency or markdowns. 

Omnichannel Customer Experience

A clear overview to give insight on all the information and data spread across the entire network and service providers so the operational strategy is no longer spread across siloed systems and can be more effective. 

Maximizing Revenue & Profit

Improve passenger digital touch points to bypass current long queues or slow trolley service to grow ancillary revenue.

The Solution

Digitalizing the entire operational journey

Momentum recognized that effective crew management, passenger experience, and control of load were critical areas of focus for the success of its rail operations. To address these challenges, the company adopted a phased approach to digitalization with Omnevo, with a focus on starting small and growing quickly. This approach allowed Momentum to prioritize its key operational priorities and address them systematically. The five key issues that the company initially focused on included crew scheduling and communication, passenger information and experience, load control and planning, real-time train performance monitoring, and predictive maintenance. By implementing digital solutions that address these areas, Momentum aimed to improve its crew management processes, enhance the passenger experience, and optimize its operations. 

Crew Management

Developing a new standard of Crew Scheduling and Management to create a detailed, instantly available view of crew rostering and full identification and analysis of performance. 

  • All operations seamlessly integrated
  • Live operational overview of all trains running in your network
  • Crew roster and full performance overview
  • Crew alerts for tasks such as toilet cleans, trolley service, Crew changes etc.
  • Create staff incentives and see who is selling what and where

The Passenger Experience

  • Increase sales and customer satisfaction through stronger service, greater flexibility, expanded offers. A better experience drives sales and passenger satisfaction higher.
  • Pre-order and pre-select retail options for F&B to be delivered to the passenger’s seat or picked up at the bar 

Control of Load and Profitability Passenger Data

Creating in-depth profiles of passenger behavior. Comprehensive, instant data and analysis of passenger behavior – including passenger numbers, class of ticket, how long it takes to purchase (with horizontal integration).

Expanding the platform

Future Expansion: Reaching Retail/F&B opportunities

With its Phase 1 foundation modules successfully embedded, Eurostar’s second phase of development will target additional pain points and the expansion of revenue opportunities. 

The passenger experience

Queues damage sales (passengers bring F&B onboard from home or from station outlets) and many passengers will not leave their luggage unattended to visit the onboard offer. Potential solutions include:

  • Digital screen ordering - display touchscreen PAX sk700 to order directly in the train. 
  • App service - Passengers can pre-order their F&B from their seat on their app and can choose to collect it at the bar or have it brought to their seat.
  • Loyalty – when a train is cancelled or delayed, passengers can receive a voucher to use in the station F&B outlets.

Operational benefits

Further performance gains can be achieved in Crew operations:

  • Alongside higher sales, Crew can manage multiple orders and better manage stock.
  • As options for ordering and payment (e.g. cash, cards, loyalty points etc.) are expanded and the process is made more service-focused, passengers are more willing to spend.

The Results

Performance Impact

Through a phased approach, Momentum is able to gradually expand and refine its digitalization efforts, ultimately achieving greater efficiency, profitability, and customer satisfaction. As the platform expands, it enables the operator to deliver a wider, deeper range of performance gains - from higher revenue and profitability to hugely reduced markdown and less waste. More customers, happier customers! 

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