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Press Release: Omnevo Growth Signals A Digital Revenue Surge in 2023

January 19, 2023

WIESBADEN, GERMANY, 19 JANUARY 2023 -Omnevo opens 2023 on a high with the announcement of two new airline projects following the launch of digital platforms with Fly Arna, Armenia’s national airline, and Fly Jinnah, a low-cost domestic carrier connecting main cities across Pakistan.

Leading digital marketplace solution provider Omnevo was selected by air services and catering operator dnata to partner in the delivery of its ambition to develop the on-board and pre-order catering programs for Fly Jinnah and Fly Arna, supported by dnata’s joint venture partner, Alpha Flight Services.  The agreement follows the partnership’s successful implementation of the Omnevo platform on board Air Arabia, which holds part-ownership in both Fly Arna and Fly Jinnah.

The two latest digital platforms are built on a selection of Omnevo’s core modules and are initially focused on two key operational areas: Point of Sale (PoS) and Retail Management and, secondly, the Supply Chain elements, including Flight Scheduling, Logistics and Loading.  The Omnevo platform also gives the airlines the capacity to fulfill digital pre-order programs, including the integration of the on-board PoS with seat mapping and passenger manifests to create major new operational efficiencies and significant new levels of speed and support for cabin crew functions and processes.

Peter Coelho, Chief Operating Officer, Omnevo, highlights the versatility and speed of implementation of the digital platform: 

" Omnevo offers a ready-to-deploy, integrated and vendor-agnostic platform that reaches end-to-end but, crucially, it also contains the versatility for airlines to adapt the platform precisely to their needs, timescale and budget.

The core beauty of the customized platform is that each airline can tailor its own selection of modules to precisely target key priorities across both operational issues and the needs of the passenger experience - including everything from Logistics to providing the passenger with pre-order services - with the flexibility to adapt and expand the platform at any time. This unique versatility enables all airlines, from the largest legacy carriers to small regional LCCs, to adopt and grow a digital platform specifically focused on their key needs and priorities.

As the rollouts of these initial platforms for both Fly Jinnah and Fly Arna were founded on our standard modules, we were able to implement the models remarkably quickly – taking as little as four weeks to complete – but each still retains the option to develop and expand the platform at any time."

The two new airline wins for Omnevo follow several significant new project wins in 2022 and platform expansions across airlines, airports, and rail operators, including projects with Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Australia, Air Europa, Frankfurt Airport, and Zurich Airport. Omnevo has also expanded its presence in the rail sector, supporting leading operators Eurostar and Thalys through partnerships with service providers Momentum and Railrest respectively. 

Michael Raasch, CEO, Omnevo, believes that 2023 will see a major acceleration in the digital ancillary revenue platforms, particularly in the airline sector:

"Across the whole travel sector the post-crisis recovery is well underway and more airlines, airports, and rail operators are positioning their businesses digitally to enhance the passenger experience, raise operational efficiencies (including major sustainability gains), and increase their revenue and profitability. 

In my view, these operators are strategically placed to seize major competitive advantages as the recovery accelerates in the second half of the year. In fact, Omnevo now has ten fully-implemented live customer platforms - including Singapore Airlines’ KrisShop, Sky Express, Frankfurt Airport, Auckland Airport, Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Australia, and Air Europa, as well as expanding platforms in the rail sector with Eurostar and Thalys – and already a further five major platforms well advanced for implementation in 2023. 

Travelers are determined to make 2023 the year they forget the COVID era and make up for the lost journeys, the time wasted, and the experiences missed.  When they travel the world again, they will bring with them demands for higher standards of customer experiences and expanded options in services, Food & Beverage, and Retail – and they want these experiences to be digitally powered. At Omnevo, we will continue to support the industry’s leaders by continually innovating and enhancing our platforms, further expanding our team and developing additional services and options for our clients."

Fly Arna is a joint venture company between the Armenian National Interests Fund (ANIF) and Air Arabia Group. Fly Jinnah is a Pakistani airline and a joint venture company between the Lakson group and Air Arabia Group.

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Launched in 2021 and headquartered in Wiesbaden, Germany (alongside parent company AOE), Omnevo represents next-level digital ancillary revenue and operations empowerment for mobility and hospitality providers, such as airports, airlines, rail operators, brands and malls. Omnevo’s solutions are modular and built upon highly scalable architecture that blends a comprehensive portfolio of tailored, adaptable features with an agile, customer-centric development approach. Enabling everything from pre-order and e-commerce to on-board retail and back-office operations and supply chain management integration, Omnevo’s products allow mobility and hospitality providers to regain full control of their omnichannel retail customer engagement while leveraging the undisputed power of e-commerce marketplaces.

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Fly Jinnah

Fly Jinnah is a Pakistani airline and a joint venture company between the Lakson group and Air Arabia Group. Based in Pakistan, Fly Jinnah follows the successful low-cost business model that focuses on offering comfort, reliability, and value-for-money air travel.

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Fly Arna

Fly Arna is Armenia’s national airline. Fly Arna is a low-cost carrier that offers comfort, reliability, and value-for-money air travel. Based in Zvartnots International Airport (EVN) in Yerevan, Fly Arna is a joint venture company between the Armenian National Interests Fund (ANIF) and Air Arabia Group.

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