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Singapore Airlines’ KrisShop Next-Generation Airline Retailing

The Challenge

Create a KrisShop experience that delights customers and drives revenue

Ambition. Innovation. Technology. Singapore Airlines aimed to grow its ancillary revenue by transforming its KrisShop concept into a unique omnichannel customer experience – setting a new standard of digital experience for the airline industry. The digital platform would offer passengers a personalized experience with a seamless customer journey along the entire path – regardless of time, location, device or channel. This required sophisticated technology, backed by seamless logistical and operational implementation.


"The KrisShop website is designed with game-changing features that keep customer experience at the forefront, to meet the needs and demands of today's customers."

Chris Pok KrisShop CEO




3Sixty, SATS

Use case

Full e-commerce 


Strategic Priorities for Singapore Airlines

Innovative Luxury Shopping

Wide array of premium brands and high-end products, customized shop-in-shop stores, with brand look and feel.

Loyalty Opportunity

Increase attraction of the loyalty program, expand product portfolio as well as opportunities with luxury brands.

Omnichannel Retailing

Data-driven, personalized communication and retailing addresses new and existing customers to increase revenues.

The Solution

A Travel Retail Joint Venture

Singapore Airlines chose Omnevo’s solution suite to rebuild its KrisShop, as it provides a powerful, reliable and scalable solution that supports all processes across the entire value chain in real time.

The brand and platform is part of a joint venture between Singapore Airlines, 3Sixty and SATS. The joint venture creates innovative opportunities for all parties. Singapore Airlines benefits by having experienced, world-leading partners that offer their experience along the entire value chain. By optimizing the user experience, the airlines’ passengers enjoy the ultimate seamless usage, thus impacting customer loyalty as well as the generation of non-aviation revenue.

The result? An entirely new in-flight shopping experience, while at the same time extending the Golden Hour. 


A seamless customer journey

To create a unique customer experience, KrisShop wanted to provide personalized content with custom sales- and marketing campaigns in real-time, which support numerous features and offer passengers a flexible, easily accessible port-of-entry to Singapore Airlines’ shopping world.

The seamless customer journey begins with the initial touchpoint of the online shop, for example via smartphone or PC at home or on the way to the airport. Customers can search for the perfect product. Based on search criteria, filters as well as previous buying behavior and individual preferences, personalized products are displayed to each customer. Product purchase can occur at the airport or even in-flight; after completing the purchase, the customer can choose from a number of delivery options, including home- or in-flight delivery.

High-quality presentation through brand stores

In relaunching its in-flight offering, Singapore Airlines placed special emphasis on a high-quality presentation of premium brands in KrisShop.

This approach has motivated brands that had discontinued in-flight sales to resume their in-flight sales efforts. The focus on premium brands benefits both the brand as well as the airline by providing new sources of revenue while opening up access to a larger customer base. The entire content and targeted campaigns can be handled by the KrisShop marketing team, offering increased flexibility, faster time-to-market and independence. This also creates a continuously growing foundation of knowledge and expertise in growing and maintaining the shop.

Premium positioning offers additional revenues

KrisShop is comprised of a three-tier structure, which features different customer journeys and user experiences.

This offers selected brands the opportunity for highly visible positioning and a variety of advertising options, while providing the airline with additional sources of income. At a basic level, brands can feature their products on standard product pages. As a second option, brands can also be displayed on featured brand pages with dropdown navigation and their own subpages.

Finally, in keeping with the premium business model, KrisShop features an exclusive brand section displayed in the main navigation. Each of these premium brands has its own subpage that takes brand CI and CD into consideration, including a preconfigured set of E-Commerce store elements such as banners, subnavigation, teasers, brand fonts and custom widgets as well as the brand’s logo.

Integration with partners increases reach and sales

In addition to increasing its product offering, KrisShop is continuously on-boarding new third-party partners such as booking channels to improve visibility and tap into new markets. For example, when a passenger books a Singapore Airlines’ flight through Ctrip, (the largest online travel agency in China), KrisShop products are automatically offered and can be ordered directly when booking a flight.

Customized campaigns with concept stores

In addition to brand pages, KrisShop also features special Concept Stores, which can be used to create customized campaigns along events, such as the Formula 1 Grand Prix, or for special offerings, such as products offered during a specific season.

Personalized content and campaigns

KrisShop can customize content based on target groups. For instance, upon login onto, the site displays different personalized content and banners, based on, for instance, passengers’ loyalty membership levels and previous shopping behavior. This targeted, data-driven approach to E-Commerce helps reach the appropriate target audience and increase conversion rates.

Payment Integration with Loyalty Program

Another benefit KrisShop offers is the integration of the Singapore Airlines’ loyalty program “KrisFlyer”. Every purchase allows customers to earn KrisFlyer miles. These miles earned can be used to offset purchases on KrisShop, either paying for the product in full or in combination with, for instance, a credit card payment. As KrisFlyer miles expire after a period of time, passengers are incentivized to use their miles to shop. Mixed payment with KrisFlyer miles and credit card is also enabled. This is a major means for customers to redeem earned passenger miles.

The Results

The most advanced digital airline retail program in the world

A state-of-the-art e-commerce solution that is easy and convenient to use, providing passengers with the ultimate customer journey. By broadening the scope of Singapore Airlines’ ancillary revenue base, comprises a big part of the airlines’ growth strategy. The option of passengers to reedem earned miles is one of the many new features that makes KrisShop attractive for airline and passenger alike.

For the airline: 

  • Availability: Operational
  • Performance Profitability: Basket value per transaction
  • Practicability: Higher conversion rate
  • Controllability: Personal recommendations
  • Customer metrics: Data and NPS
  • Reach: third-party partners increase visibility

For the passenger:

  • Luxury products
  • 5,000+ product selection
  • Seamless experience on one platform
  • Delivery options (anything, anywhere, anytime)
  • Increased customer satisfaction


KrisShop is ready to tackle the challenges faced by today’s travel retail industry. KrisShop now has more flexibility in maintaining and expanding its in-flight and online offering. The premium look and feel of as well as its product offerings underscore Singapore Airlines’ position as one of the world’s leading airlines. Passengers benefit from a state-of-the-art E-Commerce solution that is easy and convenient to use, providing them with the ultimate customer journey. By broadening the scope of Singapore Airlines’ non-aviation revenue base, comprises a big part of the airlines’ growth strategy. The option of passengers to redeem earned miles is one of the many new features that makes KrisShop attractive for airline and passenger alike.

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