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Search & Recommendations
Search & Recommendations

Help customers discover
products they love.
Make search an experience.

Our Search & Recommendations solution enables you to do much more than help customers find the exact product they're looking for. With AI deep-learning, personalization and recommendation features it helps customers to get relevant inspiration at any touchpoint.

Search & Recommendations
Feature highlights

Error-tolerant Search Results

Finding the right thing even if users mistype - thanks to stemming, synonyms, stop-words and "did-you-mean" functionality.


High-speed conversions through high-speed search results presented already while users are typing.

Auto-improving Search Results

Tracking user behavior and automatically adaping search results to focus on items with the highest chance to sell.

Omnichannel Recommendations

Connect data across channels to provide search results and recommendations based on omnichannel transactional data.

Results Boosting

Ability to allow E-Commerce managers to boost search results based on context, e.g. for inventory clearance sales.

Configurable Widgets

Creation of curated widgets as well as context-sensitive recommendation widgets.

High-performance search
focused on selling

Modular, API-first

Integrate our solution into your existing system landscape and conquer new channels

Our API-first solution allows to integrate all of its functionalities into any channel – either via direct integration with our standardized set of APIs or with several drop-in options.

The solution is also flexible when it comes to consuming data. It can either be indexed directly if APIs or file transfers are available, but can also be crawled using our built-in crawling solution. This means that the integration is smooth and easy without having to adapt any other systems to it.

Michael Klapper

Michael Klapper

CTO / Omnevo
Online marketplaces today face the challenge of finding the right balance between curation and exploration. By combining intelligent search enabling to find what customers are looking for with data-driven recommendations meant to inspire, our solution hits that exact sweet spot.