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Catering Management
Catering Management

Cater to your customer needs, not the capabilities of your supplier.We empower choice.

Our catering management solution enables you to increase the efficiency of your catering operations. Reduce waste and turn a cost into a profit-center with our solution created for flexible innovation.

Feature highlights

Network Management

Manage fleet, flights, routes, and cabin profiles and assign the right products from the right supplier.

Menu Management

Create and manage ingredients and products, orchestrated into menus your customer will love – including allergen information and plating instructions for crew.

Pre-Order Integration

Fully integrated into the Omnevo suite, enabling you to innovate and experiment with complimentary and paid meal options.

Waste Monitoring

Get full transparency across all inventory movement and waste enabling you to only carry onboard what you will need.

Supplier Management & Auditing

Integrate all your supplier operations into one system, allowing you to monitor and improve supplier performance on a granular level.

Equipment Management

Manage not only F&B items, but also the flight equipment supply chain using the same interface.

Designed by people with deep operations experience

Our catering management solution has been designed by people who have actually managed large-scale catering programs for some of the most renowned catering oeprators based on their actual needs. We have combined this with our over 20 years of software architecture knowledge to create a system that is actually a pleasure to use with real-world business impact.

Features at a glance

Feature highlights

  • Manage multiple suppliers across stations and routes.
  • Create and manage ingredients, products and menues, assign them to cycles and service classes.
  • Ready for both the management of complimentary offerings as well as pre-order and buy-on-board – with the ability to mix and innovate.
  • Manage your network, fleet and cabin types including the equipment supply chain management.
  • Reduce waste by basing your loading plans based on data including actual passenger forecasts.
  • Automate your supplier handling via automatic backordering and invoicing processes incuding supplier order reconciliation.

Technical highlights

  • API-first approach enabling the integration of third-party consumers such as OTAs or the airline's own booking flow.
  • Integration into airlines' operational systems enabling live flight updates and passenger forecasts.
  • Audit trail for full transparency around any system interactions.
  • Highly reliable system performance due to cloud-native architecture of the solution.
  • Pre-integrated into the complete Omnevo solution suite enabling you to quickly test and innovate
Adil Rhazi

Adil Rhazi

Division Lead / Omnevo
A modern catering management solution should support you to drive innovation and efficiency at the same time. This is exactly what our solution has been designed for.