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Collaboration: Why two heads are better than one

April 16, 2021
Kian GouldKian GouldCEO & Founder AOE, Chairman Omnevo

Omnevo & PriestmanGoode bring collaboration to the World Aviation Festival

The world of aviation has been turned upside down; this new reality requires new structures, new approaches and new ways of thinking. In this unprecedented environment, the silos of the past must break down and digital and collaboration must be at the forefront of everyone’s minds.

In that spirit, a new collaboration between digital ancillaries experts Omnevo and customer experience design pioneers PriestmanGoode is a perfect example of a fresh co-operative model in action. Showcasing what can be achieved, the two companies blend a complementary approach across uniquely different skill sets, combining to create technological and design solutions that facilitate a seamless and exciting customer journey.

Now, Omnevo and PriestmanGoode will spotlight this new business model at the ‘Digital to the Rescue’ panel during the highly regarded World Aviation Festival, on Monday 19th April. Appearing alongside Turkish Airlines’ Arda Ener and Marriott Hotels and Resorts’ Ralph Frehner, PriestmanGoode Managing Director Kirsty Dias and Omnevo Chairman Kian Gould will address the best in digital practices and what the aviation sector stands to learn from parallel sectors and business partners.

The discussion will tackle key issues the industry must address, including a focus on consumer trends and the rising demand for sustainability, health & safety and immediacy. These shifts raise a challenging question: If airlines are putting their focus on digital to deliver a safe service, why not do the same to ensure a profitable commercial business too?

The panellists will offer insights on how to create new ways for passengers to shop and relax, as well as how to enable airlines to reward loyalty, share new services and create new revenue streams through a holistic – and fully digitally connected – offer.

These original, integrated approaches are set to shape the future of our sector, making this a discussion that will benefit stakeholders across the industry as they look to ‘Rebuild Better’ in response to the still evolving challenges of the past year.

A new market needs a new model

The unavoidable truth is that post-pandemic, aviation will never be the same: where once we were flying high, now survival is key. Sustainability, health & safety and wellness are now integral features in our daily language. Our customers’ demands are shifting. In response, our industry needs a new business model with innovation and flexibility at its heart, enabling new ideas and new revenue streams to be incorporated as the ‘post-pandemic reality evolves.

The answer can only be digital. These innovative solutions must be delivered in a manner that ensures both the safety of our customers and the seamless service they have come to expect over the past year. Crucially, this must also be provided at minimal cost and the capacity to deliver incremental income through loyalty, constant engagement and end-to-end delivery.

In this context, the new collaboration between Omnevo and PriestmanGoode is a perfect example of new, shared thinking and digital delivery in action. PriestmanGoode brings exceptional knowledge of delivering brand experiences across travel and hospitality, harnessing the power of design to transform both the offer and the customer experience. Omnevo, whose parent company is AOE, is the global leader in integrated digital supply chain and retailing solution suites for airlines and airports, helping clients implement uniquely effective digital business models.

Combined, these skill sets take market-leading experiences into a digital realm where they can create consumer engagement and revenue generation – exactly at a time when both have never been more important.

The potential benefits of such a collaboration for the aviation sector are unlimited, as the companies’ individual successes demonstrate – including rolling out end-to-end on-board sales solutions that have helped reduce theft and fraud by over 70%, and an 80% reduction in waste in catering programs thanks to enhanced end-to-end analytics, better forecasting and more integrated workflows. Other proven successes include several classic on-board duty free programs that, after dwindling in recent years, have been fully transformed and grown dramatically through an E-Commerce marketplace approach and airport customers that have turned their declining concession sales into powerful omnichannel retailers.

Imagine what combined thinking could do for the aviation sector; from developing innovative uses for cabin space or products to maximising the digital potential of services, such as pre-order or pre-select to reduce stock issues and maximise the potential of untapped ancillary revenue streams, including F&B. Imagine an industry where food is a revenue generator for airlines, rather than a cost. The solution is possible – but creating a broader and better consumer experience demands joined-up thinking and digital delivery.

The benefits of identifying and maximising such opportunities do not stop with the customer. Key challenges can be addressed through a collaborative lens to deliver solutions across many vital areas, such as waste reduction and sustainability. Digital listings and experiences for products and food will drive reduced wastage and less packaging to protect goods needlessly hauled countless miles around the world, simply to remain unsold.

Our world has changed, but the potential for aviation has not. To seize that potential, business practices and mentalities must change in line with the new reality and every innovation must be developed and delivered in a collaborative and digital manner.

No one company can fly high alone. Find out how collaboration could help you by joining Omnevo and PriestmanGoode at the World Aviation Festival Digital to the Rescue panel.