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How airports & travel retail can enable digital transformation - fireside chat (3/5) with Peter Mohn & Kian Gould

October 31, 2017
Christian HolzschuhChristian HolzschuhOnline Marketing

Why are airports and travel retailers so reluctant when it comes to digital transformation? How to increase sales in travel retail? Peter Mohn, owner and CEO of m1ndset, and Kian Gould, founder and CEO of AOE, express chances of digitalization in travel retail, such as multiplication effects, up-selling and cross-selling with high conversion rates.

Airports plan in very long investment cycles and have a multitude of partners. So, how to begin the digital transformation process? Building a digital strategy, creating a unique, compelling experience and integrating many different partners is time-consuming and expensive.

However, airports have one big advantage: They have a guaranteed growth in the next years, which gives them the opportunity to invest into digitalization. Major airports such as Frankfurt, London Heathrow or Changi, but also smaller airports such as Auckland, are thinking and experimenting with digital solutions. Different ways to digitalization can be e.g. in one big 5-year digitalization investment plan, or building digital solutions in small iterations.

Kian Gould

Kian Gould

Founder and CEO / AOE
You can't take something of the shelf and expect it to be amazing. You need to really think about the value proposition and then build a compelling customer experience for your passenger that is somehow unique to your passenger footprint.