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How airport data can be used for personalized travel retail offers - fireside chat (5/5)

November 02, 2017
Christian HolzschuhChristian HolzschuhOnline Marketing

What does the future airport look like? Kian Gould and Peter Mohn discuss how can airports create an integrated online and E-Commerce customer experience.

The airport industry is one of the industries with the largest amount of data, especially when airports and airlines collaborate and connect their data and loyalty programs. With E-Commerce and data automation, airports have a unique opportunity to create personalized offers for each customer. Having this passenger footprint is a major advantage compared to big players like Amazon and Alibaba.

Airports have another big advantage: for airports, the two main cost drivers in E-Commerce, traffic acquisition and product returns, can be neglected. For airports, online traffic comes for free, and returns and return shipping costs can be almost zero, as passengers get their delivery at the airport. With those two cost drivers at nearly zero, digitalization and E-Commerce represent a major opportunity for airports and travel retail.

Kian Gould

Kian Gould

Founder and CEO / AOE
Online Shopping is very much about convenience. To create customer engagement, retailers need to create a compelling omnichannel customer experience that is convenient and really benefits people.