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The Invaluable Connection Between Crew Engagement and Airline Revenue Goals

February 05, 2024
Joe HarveyJoe HarveyBusiness Development Lead, Omnevo

In the dynamic world of aviation, elements such as customer satisfaction ratings, Net Promoter Scores, and operational safety and efficiency are non-negotiable. Airlines consistently explore innovative strategies to elevate the customer experience while optimizing their services. Crucially, crew engagement stands out as a linchpin in achieving these goals. At Omnevo, we've had the privilege of collaborating with numerous airlines, not only to implement technological changes but also to ensure comprehensive crew engagement. The results have consistently benchmarked to the highest industry standards.

Understanding the Significance of Crew Engagement with Omnevo

Crew engagement is a nuanced approach that extends beyond the routine practices of preparing airline staff. It involves equipping cabin crews with the skills, knowledge, and tools essential for delivering exceptional in-flight services and effectively utilizing the provided technology. Omnevo's crew engagement services are tailored to assist airlines in empowering their teams, thereby revolutionizing the passenger experience during the implementation of new technologies.

Whether you choose Omnevo as your technology partner or not, consider these four pivotal steps that make crew engagement a game-changer for our clients across various projects:

1. Building Trust:

Trust forms the cornerstone of any successful customer-client relationship. The involvement of the crew engagement team right from the project's inception with suppliers ensures a profound understanding of nuances, standard operating procedures, and service delivery guidelines for the airline's cabin crew on board.

When passengers step on board, they anticipate a safe, seamless, and enjoyable journey. Well-trained crew members not only enhance the customers' in-flight experience but also instil confidence in the airline's unwavering commitment to excellence.

2. Explaining the New Devices and Benefits of the Onboard System:

Omnevo's crew technology training is meticulously crafted to empower cabin crew members with a comprehensive understanding of new innovations, ensuring seamless integration without overwhelming them.

Our training approach surpasses the mere introduction of new systems; it delves into the tangible benefits these innovations bring. From providing essential allergen and product information to enhancing inventory management and facilitating the acceptance of multiple loyalty cards and diverse payment methods – we equip crews with the knowledge to optimize these cutting-edge tools.

What distinguishes our training is our commitment to effective communication. We engage with crews on a relatable level, using their language and terms, avoiding technical jargon. This personalized approach aids them in acclimating to the new systems in a comprehensible and relevant manner, ultimately contributing to a smoother and more enjoyable flight experience for airline customers.

3. Training the Trainer Days and On-Site Support for Test Flights:

Recognizing that learning is an ongoing process, Omnevo offers specialized "train the trainer" sessions, empowering crew training teams and ambassadors to become training experts themselves. Our commitment extends beyond the classroom.

We provide on-site support by joining the crew on test flights, allowing them to put their training into practice. This hands-on experience ensures that the knowledge and skills gained during training are effectively applied in real-world scenarios.

Regular engagement with the crew in the report centre not only provides essential guidance and support but also makes a significant impact. This approach allows cabin crew valuable opportunities to ask questions, provide feedback, and actively contribute to the ongoing development of technology, ensuring their integral involvement in shaping the product roadmap and fostering a sense of inclusion and ownership.

4. Maximizing Sales Potential and Incentivizing Crews:

Airlines acknowledge that in-flight retail is an essential revenue stream. Omnevo demonstrates to airline management how to maximize sales potential by incentivizing their crews. Through our commission-based sales and sales target model, crews are motivated to actively promote onboard sales. These sales can be tracked on the ePOS devices, enabling airlines to gain a better understanding of their performance. This approach not only boosts revenue but also motivates the crews and crew management, resulting in a more productive and engaging work environment.

In conclusion, crew engagement is a transformational investment for airlines. It not only builds trust with passengers but also equips cabin crews with the latest tools and knowledge, providing hands-on support and maximizing in-flight retail potential. Achieving the highest Net Promoter Score and customer satisfaction ratings is critical for any airline, and ensuring the highest levels of crew engagement is instrumental in meeting this requirement.

By choosing Omnevo, airlines can elevate their operations, enhance the customer experience, and thrive in the competitive aviation industry. Contact us to learn more.