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Omnichannel solutions are no longer an option – they are the key to sustainable revenue

May 27, 2019
Christian HolzschuhChristian HolzschuhMarketing & Communications

“The key to creating new revenue sources is providingan omnichannel commerce experience that satisfies customers’ expectations regarding speed and convenience, while creating an optimal customer journey.”

Kian Gould, AOE founder and Chief Executive Officer, explains details of the downtown tax-free Omnichannel E-Commerce solution running at Auckland International Airport. In an interview with Ross Falconer, TFWA Daily (May 15, 2019), Gould explains how travel retail is changing and what airports, airlines and retailers need to do to stay ahead of the industry's challenges. Click here to read the full interview:

60 Seconds with Kian Gould – TFWA Daily

Kian Gould

Kian Gould

CEO & Founder / AOE
Customers today demand speed, convenience and instant availability of offerings. In my opinion, therefore, an Omnichannel experience is no longer simply an option. It is a necessity for creating sustainable, long-term revenue streams.