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OM³: Divide & Conquer in Travel Retail – Interview Kian Gould & Martin Moodie

October 22, 2019
Sarah HeimSarah HeimContent & Marketing Communications

***AOE's OM³ is now part of Omnevo***

In this interview with Martin Moodie, founder and chairman of "The Moodie Davitt Report", AOE founder and CEO Kian Gould explains how OM³ as Airport, Airline and Downtown Edition will better meet the various requirements of the different travel retail players in the future. At the TFWA World & Exhibition Conference, the experts talk about current developments in the aviation industry and give an outlook on future projects and developments.

Airport Edition: Implemented Projects and Learnings

In an update, Kian Gould reports on the success achieved so far with the Airport Edition at Frankfurt Airport, London Heathrow Airport and Auckland International Airport. It also reveals what lessons have been learnt, which projects are in the starting blocks - and in which direction the general development is heading.

Airline Edition: Potential and Outlook

Is Inflight Retail outdated? Kian Gould explains why airlines have enormous potential to become big E-Commerce players, what really matters – and how Singapore Airlines was the first airline to take the step in this direction. With the upcoming Avianca rollout, a smaller-scale rollout will also take place.

Kian Gould

Kian Gould

CEO and Founder / AOE
One of the core drivers for the division into three editions is to make OM³ more attractive for smaller players. You don't necessarily need all of the complex functionalities; that's how you can reduce initial costs. Our goal is to create a solution for almost everybody in the aviation ecosystem, not just the biggest airports and airlines.