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Heathrow: Reserve & Collect Service becomes Omnichannel Heathrow Boutique

About the Case Study

With 78 million passengers annually and 76,000 employees, Heathrow Airport is Europe’s largest airport. Like all airports, Heathrow has to deal with the changing shopping habits of its passengers – especially since the non-aviation business is becoming increasingly important. In order to meet the new customer requirements, Heathrow partnered with AOE to re-develop its original Heathrow Boutique system with the support of elements of the Omnevo airport retailing solution (f.k.a. OM³) - an innovative, sophisticated digital marketplace consolidating all shops, products, and services on one platform, supported by digitalized processes across order management, fulfillment and maintenance. Heathrow developed a premium E-Commerce model that radically expanded to host over 300 luxury brands, delivering higher standards both in customer experience and operational efficiencies and setting a new standard in airport retailing.

Business Benefits

  • Digital marketplace with a focus on premium products
  • Connection of flight info, shopping and services
  • Seamless omnichannel customer experience
  • Automated order management and fulfillment
  • Scalable, future-proof and expandable enterprise platform 

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Digital Marketplace

All shops, products and airport services consolidated on one platform.

Digitalized processes

Automation of product maintenance, order management and fulfillment.

Omnichannel Commerce

Seamless shopping experience across all devices, sales and communication channels.

Kian Gould

Kian Gould

Founder and Chairman / Omnevo
We were proud to support Heathrow in developing this exciting stage in their digital strategy, successfully completing all project rollout phases to Heathrow’s full satisfaction before handing over to the airport’s internal IT departments for ongoing support and development.