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Auckland Airport: Tax-free downtown shopping, on-airport fulfillment

About the Case Study

Auckland Airport was one of the early pioneers to adopt Omnevo's Downtown Tax Free Shopping Suite (f.k.a. OM³) after the successful implementation of the new platform at Frankfurt Airport. As part of the solution for Auckland International Airport, the Omnevo Downtown Tax Free Shopping Suite creates a true omnichannel connected customer experience for more than 19 million passengers, seamlessly interconnecting on- and off-airport shopping and services. Customers save New Zealand Goods and Services Tax (GST) on downtown shopping at participating retailers as well as duty fees on selected products – directly at the point of purchase and without having to queue at the airport for reimbursement of duty fees. Purchases are delivered directly to the airport where they can be conveniently picked up before departure or upon arrival.

Business Benefits

  • Convenient Omnichannel shopping experience
  • Passengers save time, effort, duty fess and GST
  • Integration of Off- and On-Airport Business
  • On-Airport Fulfillment at Collection Points
  • Additional customers and new revenue streams

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Tax-Free Downtown Shopping in Auckland City

Customers can buy tax-free products from Downtown Auckland retailers without filling out complicated tax forms.

Automated Single-Basket On-Airport Fulfillment

Products purchased from various retailers are delivered automatically in a single shopping basket to the airport for collection by the passenger.

Off-Airport product range increases revenues

Additional product offering through 200+ downtown retailers along with price advantages increase revenues of retailers and the airport.

Richard Barker

Richard Barker

General Manager Retail and Commercial / Auckland Airport
We are excited to partner with Omnevo and that Auckland Airport’s introduction of the technology will be a first for any airport in Australasia. It will ensure that we deliver one of the most advanced online airport retail experiences in the world.